Are You Complying With Your Roof Deck Warranty Providers Requirements

roof deck warranty providers 3rd party integrity testing

In 2023 it is a requirement from UK Warranty providers MD Insurances Services, Premier Guarantee (ref page 335), LABC Guarantee (section 11.6.14) and NHBC Standards 2023 (ref section 7.1.13) that 100% Independent Third Party Integrity Testing is carried out for the waterproofing barrier on Buried Podiums/Roofs, Blue Roofs, & Green roofs.

‘Integrity testing of waterproofing layer
The waterproofing layer should be inspected for defects after installation. Any defects are to be repaired and retested and left in a satisfactory condition’

At GeoShield Global – Verification Programs For Ground Gas Protection, Waterproofing & Roof Decks we carry out Electronic Test Methods (ELD) as per those advised by The Roof And waterproofing Test Association, .
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