Basement Waterproofing
and Roof Deck Integrity Testing

Inspection services for all waterproof membrane application techniques.​

Train - Observe - Monitor - Record - Report

In the UK both the NHBC 5.4 report and the BS 8102:2009 – Code of practice for protection of below ground structures against water from the ground, acknowledge that:
  • The choice of the system
  • The manufacture of the system
  • The design and detailing of the system in the construction
  • The application of the system
Will be subject to human error. Given the ever changing climate & geological conditions, its vitally important that human error is reduced. GeoShields inspection services focus on 
  • Type A – Primary Barriers
  • Type C – Water Management Solutions
  • Podium Deck, Green Roof Applications

Methods Of Testing

A variety of testing methods are available. As accuracy is paramount, methods are agreed at pre-verification/inspection stage though any GeoShield Quality Assurance Program can be enhanced as need requires. Our selected methods of testing are:

Independent verification of the installation of waterproof membranes and lining systems on site is critical to achieving the performance required & avoid failure. Human errors in application can often prove devastating for both basements and roof decks. This is acknowledged by British Standards. Areas needing specific attention include Blue & Green Roofs where either a body of water or soil retaining water is a permanent feature which if compromised could have disabling consequences for the structure below and the mechanical operations employed within.

GeoShield offer, across the globe, comprehensive Waterproofing & Lining Inspection programs that cover all aspects of design, application, training, monitoring, recording & reporting that will unquestionably reduce the element of human error.

The GeoShield on-site Waterproofing QAP program is operational from the initial concept to the buildings completion. GeoShields team of inspectors are all Certified Surveyors of Structural Waterproofing, the team will control the validation procedure and perform all required inspections & testing in a process of Observation / Recording & Reporting.

The frequency and nature of inspections & tests are bespoke to each project and relate to the intricacy of design, level of risk & competency of the application operatives. On a building completion a Verification and Validation report is created for submission to the clients O-M manual containing, site testing and inspection survey documents, photographs and other applicable records. The GeoShield Waterproofing & Lining Application Inspection Program provides:

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