GeoShield Ltd Promoting UK Business And Home Radon Testing & Inspection Programs

Studies have shown that increased exposure to Radon gas in the home or workplace has now become the second leading risk factor for lung cancer among smokers and it has become the leading risk factor among non‐smokers. The World Health Organisation Handbook on Indoor Radon has clearly indicated the magnitude and proliferation of radon exposure as a public health concern that has serious short-term and long-term implications. According to the National Health Service, exposure to this radioactive pollutant, Radon gas accounts for approximately 1,100 fatalities due to lung cancer. The current problem is that many people, firstly don’t understand what Radon is and they also don’t understand the implications of Read More

Paul Colbeck Attains His Assessors Qualification

Paul Colbeck of GeoShield Limited recently obtained his ‘Assessing Competence in the Work Environment Level 3’ qualification. This is a comprehensive and nationally recognised qualification that covers the principles and practices of assessment including the assessment of occupational competence in the work environment. To become qualified to deliver and assess vocational qualifications in the work environment Paul had to put in a lot of hardwork and dedication before passing a variety of exams on topics such as how to assess competence based skills, the principles & practices of assessment and how to assess occupational competence in the workplace. As active Associate Members of the British Geomembrane Association (BGA) GeoShield are Read More

GeoShield Verification Officer Job Opportunity

Are you involved in construction but feel that your prospects are limited, then becoming a GeoShieldVerification Officer may be the career move for you? GeoShield Ground Gas Protection Application Verification Services require a surveyor/engineer/technician who will eventually be qualified as a GeoShield Verification Officer. The surveying requirements are to primarily monitor the installation of Ground Gas Protection Membranes to ensure they follow the new regulations set down in BS 8485:2015 and CIRIA 735. Full training will be given to ensure the competency of the successful candidate as they will be part of each individual projects Pre-Con site management team. It is essential a prior knowledge of the construction industry is shown, from management Read More

Ground Gas 2018: Assessing And Managing Ground Gas Risk

GeoShield Ltd were proud to take part in the Ground Gas 2018 event which is focused on ground gas assessment, verification, validation and protection. Recent Government figures showed that there was a 15 per cent rise in the number of new houses built over the year and that since 2010 1.1 million homes have been built. The key to this development is the Government’s commitment to bring brownfield land back to use. Representatives of GeoShield Ltd are proud to be taking part in the Ground Gas 2018 event in London on March 1st 2018. The event hosted by Brownfield Briefing and the Environment Analyst is aiming to bring together regulators, Read More