Build-Ability Design

The GeoShield design service, which is fully independent of any system manufacturer, ensures; technically correct design, continual buildability throughout your project schedule and improved cost effectiveness.

Traditional Design

Ground gas membrane traditional design schematic

3D Schematic

Ground gas membrane 3d design schematic
GeoShield possess a database of standard details, however, bespoke details can be arranged at any stage of the project. With GeoShield’s experience in Gas Membrane design build-ability can be addressed which will directly improve:
  • Program time
  • Improved application quality
  • Reduced wastage of materials
  • Verification costs reduced
GeoShield’s design experience is fully backed by PI insurance providing full confidence for the client. The design details can then easily be installed into the Verification Plan. Using GeoShield’s Verification Plan in place and a comprehensive Verification strategy GeoShield are ideally placed to be in the correct workplace for ongoing project design revisions. The impartiality of GeoShield reduces fundamental over design within the industry and gives to the client a confidence in performance yet the most economical approach and build-ability which the client demands.

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