Sweet Street, Leeds, LS11 9DB

28th October 2021

Tester: Liam White
Test Type: Dielectric Testing
Company: GeoShield Limited
Site Conditions: Dry/Overcast
Temperature: 14C


FIS Premcrete Eposcreed has been installed to a podium deck with a 3mm thickness. Geoshield commenced dielectric porosity testing by setting the machine to identify any potential deficiencies to the waterproofing membrane

Product included

FIS Premcrete Eposcreed – a three-component epoxy screed with excellent self-levelling properties.

Photographs of the Dielectric Testing:

The photographs show the procedure of the dielectric testing being carried out to the podium deck area.

dielectric porosity test sweet street leeds
Dielectric Porosity Testing Leeds Picture 2

All remediations tested using the procedure to satisfactory industry standard.

Client Reference

Clients Name: Barry Williams
Company: Tolent Limited
Email: Bwilliams@tolent.co.uk
Reference from the client..

‘ To whom it may concern,

Geoshield have been appointed as a third party assessor/tester for the installation of waterproofing and gas membrane. To date they have been excellent in their attendance, testing and verification process. They have worked over and above to get operatives to site at short notice to enable works to continue uninterrupted.

Overall very easy to deal with and all engineers that have attended site have been more than helpful.

Barry Williams’

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