Radon Inspection With GeoShield GSR+ Program

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Radon Guidance On Protective Measures For New Buildings

Following BRE 211 “Radon Guidance On Protective Measures For New Buildings”, the GSR+ program provides security and peace of mind when protecting new constructions against the ingress of the life-threatening carcinogenic gas Radon. The GSR+ Program incorporates all of the stringent features and benefits required in Ciria 735 “Good practice on the testing and verification of protection systems” with further security provided from short, medium and long-term (where required), in-situ Radon Gas Monitoring. The GSR+ Comprises:
  • £2,000,000 PI Insurance
  • Comprehensive knowledge of BRE 211 and Ciria 735
  • A risk-based approach to the verification planning and reporting
  • 100% independence from the installer and manufacturer
  • All testing and rigs owned by GeoShield
  • Various degrees of Radon monitoring based upon project
  • Plot by plot installation verification
  • Comprehensive handover package
As each project is unique in terms of size, construction type, ground gas protection system and applicator experience it is recommended that a Validation and Verification program is in place prior to the employment of any specialist application company in order that all risks are correctly assessed.

GeoShields Comprehensive GSR+ Radon Gas Protection Verification, Validation and Monitoring Program is unparalleled in the new build construction industry

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