As members of ERA (European Radon Association), GeoShields Paul Colbeck has been invited to speak at the ERA Radon Week in Lugano Switzerland on the 24th – 28th September 2018. He will be presenting the UK perspective towards verification on Radon protection in new build construction. The week will see National and international members of the scientific community, radon testers, professionals of the built environment, educators, public stakeholders and business people attending the various seminars and workshops to learn and discuss the latest developments in Radon testing and mitigation as well as Government legislation throughout Europe. In addition to the Radon Mitigation course which is being taught by experts of Read More

The British Verification Council, has been created to meet the requirements of Independent Verification as described within CIRIA report C735 – Good practice on the testing and verification of protection systems. With the formulation of the British Verification Council standards are now in place for all Clients who seek competent verification & validation of a protective system application. A catalyst for the group was the clear need for an entirely independent organisation removed from installers and manufacturers of ground gas protection measures. The in depth scope of the verification of gas protection measures, as described in the main steering documents such as BS 8485:2015 code of practice for the design Read More

Studies have shown that increased exposure to Radon gas in the home or workplace has now become the second leading risk factor for lung cancer among smokers and it has become the leading risk factor among non‐smokers. The World Health Organisation Handbook on Indoor Radon has clearly indicated the magnitude and proliferation of radon exposure as a public health concern that has serious short-term and long-term implications. According to the National Health Service, exposure to this radioactive pollutant, Radon gas accounts for approximately 1,100 fatalities due to lung cancer. The current problem is that many people, firstly don’t understand what Radon is and they also don’t understand the implications of Read More